Monday, 13 January 2014

Bit of a dark topic...

Sorry, it's a bit of a dark topic today but I just feel that there is not enough awareness on the topic.

Depression, self harm, eating disorders. So many of the teenagers in this World are battling. Most of them are battling in silence, too afraid to say what they are doing behind closed doors.

Today's media, the TV, magazines, internet, all tell young girls that thin is good, thin is the best and the only thing you can be is thin. Not every woman is thin and it gives them all their own personality and traits. You are perfect as you are and the message just does not reach teens. I believe that whatever shape you are, whoever you are, you are beautiful and no matter what anyone tells you, as long as you believe it and have confidence within yourself, you will always be stunning. Confident is the best thing to be and if you believe you can do something and believe in yourself then you will achieve it.

Eating disorders are so misunderstood. People think people do it for attention. It's not for attention. It is a mental disorder that makes you believe you aren't good enough, it makes you think you are fat when actually you are perfect. These people need help. They don't need people to go around and say 'look how skinny she is, attention seeker'. That is not going to help anyone and it will probably make them go to a darker place then they already are. HELP. That is what they need. They need love, support and help. Next time you see someone who looks like they need to be cheered up or they aren't eating, go over, sit with them, talk to them. I guarantee they are an amazing person and they just need someone to talk to.

Depression. The deep dark hole that drags people in. If you are feeling sad one day, you are not 'depressed'. It annoys me so much how people just use the word in every day life. Unless you have been diagnosed or you are sad every day and can't do normal activities, you have no right to say you are depressed. This is not a rant blog, but people who are depressed, they have reasons. They need people to talk to and support them and love them, just like everyone. They can't just 'cheer up' and they can't just 'get over it'. It will take time, patience and a whole lot of tissues. Talk to them, anyone sat on their own, they need a friend just like you and me and they just want someone to help pick them up from the hole and dust them off.

Self harm, possibly one of the  most misunderstood thing of the 21st century. People think its all to do with 'goths' and 'attention seekers'. The truth is that some people do do it for attention but that is a very very small percentage. Most people are hurt, broken and they just need a way to show their inner feelings. They need a way to let the pain out of them and the way that works for them is harm on their own body. Whether that be cutting, punching or burning their body, to them it helps. But only temporarily. Temporarily the pain goes away and they feel better again, but soon enough the pain comes back. There are many inspirational famous people out there, Demi Lovato, who have suffered with self harm but have overcome it. Everyone can overcome it, patience is the key. They can't get over it, they can't 'just stop'. It doesn't work like that. It takes TIME. But it is possible to battle on through and be happy at the end of it.

If anyone out there is battling a disorder, they would understand. They know how misunderstood they are and how much they just want someone to talk to, someone to listen to them and someone who will actually care about what they are saying.
My message to all of you out there: It is possible, if you go an hour without purging, without cutting, without thinking of suicide, then I am proud of you. You are beautiful just as you are and you deserve to be happy. You can make it through this, I am living breathing proof of it.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Aims of Life

Everyone has aims in life. Everyone's are different and everyone has the right to have their own opinions. Life aims are such an important thing, I feel, to have as it gives you goals and targets to get to in your life. Without them you could just not complete anything you really want to in your life.

Many teenagers and adults are creating lists called 'bucket lists', theses consist of things they wish to do before they die. They normally contain places they wish to go or people they wish to meet.
I have a very stereotypical bucket list and many places I want to visit.So here is my bucket list:
1.Go to Florida
2. Go to New York
3. Go to Hollywood
4. Go to Paris
5. Go to the Caribbean
6. Go on a safari
7. Get married
8. Have children or adopt children
9. Own a house
10. Be able to drive
11. Have a huge party for my 21st birthday
12. Sunset walk along a beach
13. Get a tattoo
14. Go to a concert
15. Go on a hot air balloon ride
16. See a West End theatre production
17. Stay up all night
18. Go water zorbing
19. Do go ape

 But what happens if I don't complete these things? Do I fail at my life? Do I automatically become a failure?

No, I don't. It just means I haven't put all the effort into completely these tasks. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that things in my life got in the way. These things that got in the way could have meant that my life was 10 times better then before. They could have lead to more amazing opportunities that I could never have even dreamed of being offered.

Don't be scared to set goals that you feel might not happen. If you want them to happen and if you want to achieve that goal, then you will. Will power is the most incredible thing and the more you want to complete a task, the more likely you are going to complete it.

I hope to inspire and help,